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Just Kush

Direct Delivery Service

The Direct Delivery Program in BC authorizes Just Kush, a licensed small-scale cannabis grower producer (producing less than 3,000 kilograms per year) to sell its cannabis directly to licensed retailers in British Columbia. Cultivators who do not have a processing license can also partner with Just Kush to package and sell their products directly to licensed cannabis retail stores in the province as well. There are currently over 350 private retailers in BC, and Just Kush looks forward to working with the ones who share our authentic values and have consistently supplied Canadians with quality cannabis through the first three years of legalization.

How it works

Just Kush receives orders directly from retailers and is responsible for order fulfillment, distribution to retailers, returns, reporting sales to LDB, and customer communication.

Just Kush has entered into a supply agreement with the BC LDB, and has registered its products and prices that are made available online for retailers to place orders. Although these products will not be physically delivered to or distributed by the LDB, the province will still collect their 15% markup on all products. 

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