About us

Our Story

Just Kush is a family run business built from 4 generations of family and friends that bring varying experience and expertise. With a shared love for the plant, everyone involved in the Company strives to produce the best product available. Working hand-in-hand from seed to sale, we emphasize the details beyond the rest. We focus on nostalgic BC strains that our customers have grown up enjoying, while discovering new flavour profiles to add to the line up. Small batch, cold cured, hand trimmed flower to your neighbourhood sesh! Our mission is “As Fresh As Possible”. Bringing farm to table premium flower into the legalized space and bringing back the “good’ol days” of the legacy craft. Built by smokers for smokers, from one family to another.

Our Farm

Just Kush is a legacy farm located in Okanagan Falls, British Columbia. The farm was created in 2009 and Just Kush Enterprises Ltd. was founded in 2019. 

Our cultivation facilities are designed and purpose-built in order to adhere to our stringent company standards. We’ve implemented processes that ensure optimal cultivation, production, and packaging. All of our brands are produced in our own facilities and from our own exclusive collection of rare cultivars.

We take pride in the fact that our master grower has 35 years of experience growing cannabis and as a team, we are laser-focused on production quality, consistency, and bringing unique cultivars to curious and enthusiastic consumers.

Our Partnerships

Register for our Direct Delivery Program

To sign up for Direct Delivery, complete the Retailer Registration application. Once your application is approved, you will have access to your own retailer portal with a link to our Direct Delivery Program.

Grow for Us

We partner with growers who produce small batches of high-quality craft flower that Just Kush can proudly stand behind. We’re excited about being able to play a role in bringing B.C. legacy cannabis to market, working with farmers who have been perfecting their craft for years.

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