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Just Kush cultivates premium strains of cannabis, selected for different levels of CBDs and THCs.
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About Just Kush

Premium strains and proprietary breeding are the mark of a craft grower

Just Kush cultivates premium strains of cannabis, selected for different levels of CBDs and THCs.

We have a cultivation facility near Oliver, BC, with an MMAR licence to cultivate medicinal cannabis. We are also a late stage applicant for an ACMPR licence (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) which will enable us to produce cannabis for the medicinal and recreational market.

With legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, we plan to scale our proprietary craft grow technologies to large-scale production.

We believe that, with attention to detail, our small-batch, craft cultivation methods can be scaled to reach the demands of the much larger recreational market that will become reality in Canada on July 1, 2018.

A Liberty Leaf Company

Investing in the future of the cannabis industry.

Just Kush is a subsidiary of Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd. Liberty Leaf is a new Canadian-based, public company whose focus is to build and support a diversified portfolio of cannabis-sector businesses, including cultivation, value-added CBD/THC products, biotech research, and supply chain products within this dynamic and fast-growing sector.

The company is listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE: LIB, OTCQB: LIBFF and FSE: HN3P).

For further information please visit http://www.libleaf.com or email will@libleaf.com.



Just Kush’s cultivation cultivation facilities: state of the art technologies with room to expand.


Oliver is in BC’s Okanagan wine country and has ideal growing conditions for cannabis. The new regulations for legal cannabis will permit outdoor cultivation.


Our facilities are located on 13 acres, ready for expansion and/or outdoor cultivation.


We currently operate a five room, 6000 square foot indoor grow operation - with one room set for grow-stage and the others dedicated to the flowering stage.

Special Features

A Level 7 vault, in which we can legally secure up to $1.25 million worth of product at any one time. With legalization, we expect to upgrade to a Level 8 vault where we can store up to $6.25 million worth of product.

Varieties Grown

We grow several varieties of Indica plants and hybrids. Those include Rockstar Kush, Skywalker Kush and Ghost OG Kush, and others, to appeal to the discerning cannabis consumer.

Staff Qualifications

Just Kush has several full-time and part-time staff members, with expertise ranging from breeding and cultivation, to harvesting plants and producing extracts.

Our Approach

An attentive cannabis nursery

A lot has been said and written about caring for plants. At Just Kush, we believe that giving our plants individual attention is what gives us superior quality.

We start with an hydroponic growing method, in which the plants are supported in a clean, air rich environment to keep our plants free from disease causing pathogens and harmful contaminants. We then feed out plants with the highest quality nutrients and microbes that deliver all the nutrients they need to develop a lush growth of leaves and buds.

Plus, every day we examine and touch every plant, looking for signs of stress. We prune off branches that aren’t doing well and pinch off any unhealthy leaves. We also turn our plants every day so that all parts of the plant receive beneficial light.

The result, our cannabis plants look, smell and taste better than ones grown without special care. And our customers swear by our quality.

Our team

With over eight years of experience growing and supplying medical marijuana to compassion clubs, and over 40 years of combined experience in breeding and growing cannabis.

Robert Jackman, PhD

Quality Assurance Manager

Ken Hope

Master Grower

Doug Macdonell

Production and Distribution Consultant

Will Rascan



Liberty Leaf Acquires the Majority Interest in Just Kush – a Late-Stage ACMPR Applicant and a Company in Control of a Current MMAR-Licensed Facility

The acquisition puts two ACMPR licences in play, strengthening Liberty Leaf’s strategic position as a forward-thinking, vertically-integrated cannabis company

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